The "Maison du Collectionneur"

Between museum and hotel particulier

Located a stone's throw from museums and among the sumptuous “hotels-particuliers” of the Mazarin district, the Maison du collector opens an intimate and comfortable break for a night or a few days in the heart of Aix en Provence.

Upon their arrival at “Maison du Collectionneur”, our guests pass through the intensely red door to reveal a vista resplendent with a carefully and thoughtfully cultivated collection of art. The rooms are designed as paintings with a skillfully orchestrated staging so that the eclecticism allows a dialogue of contemporary art with design or more classic works of art. Comfort is in every detail and in the care we take to make our travelers experience a rare moment at the “Maison du Collectionneur”.

Spacious rooms

With an eclectic collection of furniture and art objects

“Maison du Collectionneur” is comprised of a collection of five spacious and comfortable author’s rooms with bathtub or large showers all decorated with an eclectic collection of elegant furnishings arranged for the enjoyment of our guests.


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